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The following is a list of all my published reviews and articles up to July 2012. Articles released after this date are posted on the blog. Where possible links are included. this does not include my first writing gig as a Staff Writer on www.ukanime.com which is sadly no longer online. If you need a Freelance writer for anything I can be contacted at chris[at]monkeypiratezombie.co.uk

Contributor to MyM magazine, published by MyMags, Bournemouth UK MyM ISSN 2049-8187
MyM issue #4  Published by MyMags, UK. 2/8/12 Bleach cover feature and complete A-Z, reviews Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Dragonball Z series 2
MyM issue #3. Published by MyMags, UK. 5/7/12: Review: Roujin Z, Review: Bleach Series 9 part 1. 
MyM issue #2 Published by MyMags UK 8/6/12 Review: Naruto Shippuden volume 9 
MyM issue #1 Published by MyMags UK 3/5/12 Feature: Bleach: fade to Blu.

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