Thursday, 19 July 2012

Welcome to the Christor Chronicles

Well hello there, friends and strangers. What's all this then? I am a freelance writer from the UK, who writes for a number of different websites and magazines, about animation, film and other geek culture. Some of you may know me from my work on my own little corner of the Internet making cartoons, comics and other silly nonsense. The reason for establishing this blog is to separate my writing and criticism from my own creative endeavours.

What this is then, is a place where I will link to all the articles I write (that are available online) or point to where you can buy them in print (when you can't). It isn't a place where I will tell you about the awesome thing that my cat just did. Even when my cat does something particularly awesome. I might yet write original articles for the blog as well, but that will not be the main focus.

Check back regularly for new articles and reviews of stuff including movies, anime and manga, other animation and other stuff that hopefully you'll enjoy.

-Chris Perkins AKA Christor

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