Sunday, 5 May 2013

Let the Rebellion Begin...

Good news everyone! You may know about the annoyingly sudden decision to shutter Rant Gaming by the corporate types at Rant Media. They made the choice to shutter us, because they did not understand the gaming industry, and they wanted instead to persue only the fields of sports and sexism ( see-or rather don't see- their new site Rant Girls). Anywhoo, to get to the point- I am pleased to announce that I will be a part of the new gaming site Rebel Gaming. This new site is born out of the ashes of Rant, and aims to continue our work over there, only do it much better. It's being started by the former Director of Content over at Rant, and all round top bloke Mr Ryan Johnson, and it will feature a good chunk of the former RG staffers (although, sadly some of the former site's best writers won't be joining us). It only launched this week, and it's very early days but Ryan surely has the technical knowledge and know-how needed to make it a success. I will fill you more about my contributions over the coming weeks but my content so far can be found here. I also highly suggest reading Rebel Gaming's mission statement for the whole story. Exciting times!.

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