Sunday, 31 August 2014

August Update: MyM #29, Two Clones #1 and a New Blogging Gig.

This month saw the release of issue number 29 of MyM, which features more contributions from me. This time around I've got two reviews- One Piece and Dragonball. Not only that but I've got a feature on the A-Z of the Dragonball franchise. That article was written months back, but promptly got bumped and I've been waiting for it to get in ever since. So I'm pretty pleased to finally be able to share it.

I've also contributed a short piece to an exciting new digital magazine named Two Clones. It features a lot of really interesting geek-focused stuff from some really talented writers, some of whom I've had the pleasure of knowing for a while. My piece is on the Hayao Miyazaki film Castle of Cagliostro.

I've also got a new blogging gig! I'm writing about the 3D printing and 3D Scanning industry, which is pretty new for me. It's an exciting challenge, and outside my usual area so I've been enjoying it so far. You can check out my stuff at Bodastone.

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