Thursday, 31 January 2013

Rant Gaming RIP

So, as of January 31st 2013 Rant Gaming will be no more. The site, which I've been writing for since August last year is being shuttered, as Rant Media had decided to focus all it's efforts on Rant Sports instead. This decision came as a shock to all of us who worked on it, as the site seemed to be building momentum and we were all excited for it's future. Hell, they'd only just taken on a bunch of new writers. Maybe we weren't about to become IGN overnight, but this decision seems to be misguided and way premature. I'd been with them since near enough the beginning (it started in July) and had become one of it's most prolific contributors. So yeah, I'm pretty annoyed that my work is going to oblivion, but what can you do? It's kind of depressing to think of the hundreds of hours we've collectively spent that are disappearing into the ether. Nonetheless I'm thankful for the opportunity, and all in all it was an overwhelmingly positive experience. The worst thing is that I'm sad to be leaving behind a crew of fine writers, and generally awesome human beings who I've got to know over my time at Rant. I'm going to be following all their work though, and hopefully I will be able to work with many of them again in future.

In the short term I'm hoping to get several of my articles back up online. I'm looking for suitable places to repost the stuff that's worth doing so, and I will keep you updated. I should be able to bring you some exciting news very soon.

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