Monday, 11 February 2013

Write Back In The Saddle

Well, I'm glad to say that the minor set-back of the death of Rant Gaming hasn't phased me too much, and I'm back on the ol' writing horse. I've already joined the good folks at NerdSpan where I'll be helping out with their gaming section. I'll be reposting several of my Rant Gaming articles there, as well as brand spanking new stuff.I have already reposted Are Used Games Hurting The Industry? Plus NerdSpan will be the home of Bonus Stage, my regular feature highlighting Fan-art, fan videos, music Cosplay and more from the video game fan community. It was my favourite regular feature on RG so I'm delighted to be able to find it a new home.

Meanwhile, over at The Void, I wrote a little piece in defence of Pixar- "Pixar Imperfect- why it's too early to write off America's Greatest Animators". Finally (for now) look out for the new issue of MyM on February 22nd, which will feature two reviews from me and a fun article called The Shonen Showdown!

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