Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Have you got your copy of MyM issue 11 yet? Shonen Showdown my "One Piece vs Bleach vs Naruto" feature is pride of place on the cover, and is the first feature in the mag too. It was a fun article to write, and the designer has once again done a bang-up job. One of the joys of print work is sending off a humble word document only to see a talented designer turn it into a thing of beauty! Elsewhere in the issue, I review Bleach: The Movie 4 - Hell Verse and Shana Series 2 Part 1 . It's in shops now (and also in the apple App Store).

In other news I am gradually working at getting my Rant Gaming articles back online and "10 future Locations for Assassin's Creed" is now back up at NerdSpan. The rest of my salvageable articles will be going up in due course, and Bonus Stage now lives on at NerdSpan too!

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