Sunday, 24 March 2013

MyM issue 12 and other Newness

Hey folks! Issue number 12(!) of MyM magazine is now available in your local magazine emporium in the UK, Barnes and Noble in the US and on the App Store (presumably anywhere) for your enjoyment. I have a stonking great three-page feature on the ace Pirate-based animation series One Piece, plus reviews of the latest volumes of Bleach and Naruto. There's plenty of great stuff from a bevvy of fine writers too, so if I wasn't in it, I'd buy it!

On other news I will be contributing reviews for a mighty fine website named Japan Cinema. As you might expect it covers cinema from Japan, but also stuff from Korea, Hong Kong, China and elsewhere. My first review is up, others to follow.  I reviewed a smashing little animated flick Oblivion Island for Anime UK News, and I continue to publish over on NerdSpan, with my weekly feature Bonus Stage. I say weekly, but it doesn't have a strict schedule, so it could appear any day of the week. Sometimes I might miss a week (if other writing is keeping me busy) while other weeks I might give you TWO. I'm just a loose cannon. Following me on Twitter is a good idea to keep in the loop.

Other articles:
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