Monday, 4 May 2015

An important Statement on 'Japan Cinema'.

Over the past few years I've contributed reviews and articles on an irregular basis for the website Japan Cinema (no link here, for reasons that are about to become obvious). I will not be doing so any more. It's come to my attention that the owner of the site has been guilty of some pretty heavy-duty plagiarism, over an extended period. I and several other contributors submitted our original work to the site in good faith, only to be posted alongside articles and reviews that have been stolen in whole or in part from other sites. and writers.

I was hoping it was a misunderstanding or something, but I've seen the evidence and it's pretty damning, sad to say.

It's nothing short of theft. As a writer, it hurts me to think any other writer's work has been stolen in this way. And on a more personal level it's also very disappointing, as I thought the editor was a genuine guy. In respect of that I'm choosing not to call him out by name. But I'm very saddened by this turn of events- not to mention angry.

I will not write for the site ever again (if it even survives this) and do not wish to be associated with it in any manner. I'd advise of any you to steer well clear as well.

In short: this sucks.

[UPDATE] The site has now been taken down (although the editor is still not taking full responsibility for his actions. Another former writer made this video on the subject, and the editor's behaviour.


  1. As a (now former) writer, I am absolutely disgusted with what has occurred. I hope to move onto pastures new, but at the same time feel guilty that I didn't do my research and realize what was occurring.

  2. It's not on you- everything about JC seemed slick, professional and above board- there's no need for you to feel responsible. Your work was legit and you've left as soon as you found out, you've done nothing wrong. But I know what you mean.