Friday, 29 May 2015

Happy Birthday MyM!

Issue number 38 of MyM Magazine is now available in good magazine stockist- or for that matter bad magazine stockists, as well as on iOS and Android. The new issue marks the magazine's third anniversary. Not coincidentally, that means it also marks my third anniversary as a professional writer, with my article on the Bleach movies appearing in that very first issue. Fast forward to now, and you'll find my review of Nadia: Secret of Blue Water in the latest issue.

I've missed a handful of issues, but I've proud to have written for almost every edition of the magazine. I've enjoyed every minute and I'm hugely lucky to get the chance to write for it. If my teen self knew I'd one day get paid to write about anime, he'd probably forgive me for not being married to Sarah Michelle Gellar. Probably.

I've also landed another online gig that I look forward to sharing with you soon. In the meantime I've been (as always) writing for AFA, which has taken most of my work time not taken up by those other two gigs. I've recently been republishing my work originally done for JapanCinema  over there too- with three reviews republished there so far.  It strikes me that this blog is way overdue a makeover but until then you can keep up with all my writing via twitter.

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