Thursday, 4 February 2016

Hello Strangers...

It's been, frankly, an embarrassingly long time since I updated this here blog. In fact, I reckon it's probably overdue it had a full-on makeover. In the meantime though, I'm checking in to remind you that I'm alive and have been writing the whole time (even if I've been neglecting this blog terribly).

AFA goes from strength to strength, and right now the majority of my time is going in to that. There's far too much to go into here ,but recent reviews include Beyond The Boundary and World Conquest Zvezda Plot. We also launched a podcast last summer, so you can now listen to me and my AFA chums talk about animation every week.

I've continued to write from MyM as well, with my most recent contribution being a review of Maid Sama in issue 46. Out now in your local magazine stockist or the app store on iOS or Android.

Look out for much more news coming soon!

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