Saturday, 9 April 2016

MyM issue 48 and other updates...

So it's been another two months since I said I'd be updating more often... so that's a good start. It's been hectic though, in my defence! My most recent review in print (and digital) can be found in MyM issue 48, where my review for Sword Art Online II can be found. MyM issue 49 will be coming soon!

AFA seems to be booming right now, with our team still growing. We recently published our 100th review, and have passed 1000 twitter followers. We also recently had a special guest on our podcast, when we were lucky to be joined by Pixar Technical Artist David Lally, for a discussion of adult animation.

Also check out my review of  the Kill La Kill manga on Anime Limited's Blog! Very soon I should be able to reveal the latest site I am contributing to as well. Watch this space...

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