Sunday, 30 June 2013

Not-So-Weekly Wrap up June 30th

Last week I was busy working on stuff for print, so there was less stuff than usual online from me. I decided to skip my usual weekly update in favour of covering two weeks worth this week instead. So this week's weekly wrap up, is not so weekly!

I've continued to report on the latest news over on Rebel Gaming, and this has included a look at Microsoft's troubled relationship with indies and a look at eagerly awaited Killer Is Dead release details. I have also reintroduced a feature I ran at the late Rant gaming, looking at each week's UK sales charts. On Nerdspan I put together a E3 flavoured edition of Bonus Stage, while this week saw BS's 19th edition.

This week also saw the first ever review published on this very Blog in the form of King Of Thorn, while over on AUKN I contributed a review of Hellsing Ultimate.

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