Sunday, 16 June 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up June 16th 2013

So this week saw the publication of issue number 15 of the esteemed organ MyM magazine, both in print and in that there app store. I contributed two reviews to this issue: Naruto Shippuden #13 and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Blu-ray set 4. Go buy it, why don't you? Please?

On the internet side of things this week has mostly been about games, as this week was the annual E3- the biggest industry event in video games. In my capacity as editor and writer for Rebel Gaming, I've been helping to cover the show. Check out a summary of our coverage here, and my great big article taking a look back at the show.

Meanwhile in a return to the film side of things, I also contributed a review of Starship Troopers: Invasion, the direct-to-video animated sequel to the Sci-fi B-movie classic for the marvellous Japan Cinema.

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